Why should you insist on a Vascular Surgeon for Varicose Vein removal?

Several treatment providers like vascular experts, dermatologists, and medical spas, offer treatment or removal of varicose veins and spider veins. This blog will be useful to those who are planning to decide on the treatment and help them to understand the difference in certifications and treatments offered by these providers.

If you experience problems in your vein health, how would you choose your care provider? You probably might visit a vascular center or surgeon. You might also get referrals from your physician or you might even respond to internet advertisements. Few would visit a dermatologist for such treatments.

Here we explain why you should choose a vascular surgeon for your treatment.

Dermatologists who are specialized doctors treating skin conditions, treat varicose and spider veins even though they are caused by problems of the veins and blood vessels that appear through the skin. Dermatologists offer same treatments that are performed by a vascular surgeon, though the options are limited to laser ablation and sclerotherapy for varicose veins and spider veins. At several instances, the condition is indicative of a more serious underlying condition which might need a thorough evaluation of the vascular system by a vascular expert.

Medical spas are popular these days and they offer luxurious and fancy services which make you feel pampered. But they may be having limited practice and patients need to evaluate beforehand if they can meet your medical needs.

Many medical spas have a doctor on staff because only a licensed medical practitioner can perform sclerotherapy and other medical procedures. However, having a vascular surgeon treat your spider veins or varicose veins is very important and necessary as it is an assurance of quality treatment.

Differentiating factors in treatment by a Vascular surgeon:


Vascular Surgeons, specialize in all conditions related to the arteries and veins, ranging from the serious aneurysms and atherosclerosis, to varicose veins and spider veins.Their extensive knowledge and experience make them the preferred choice for any vascular related problems. No luxury can be a replacement for their expertise.

A medical spa typically will treat spider veins. These veins are connected to bigger veins, known as reticular veins and those are connected to even bigger veins, the saphenous veins. Such systems are highly complex in nature and their relation is not obvious. Sometimes treating spider veins can make them disappear. But sometimes treatment for the deeper veins would be necessary to prevent further disease progression. If not treated, the spider veins most probably reappear.

Hence a vascular expert with an extensive knowledge of the system is ideal for treating varicose veins. This vein condition though harmless in most cases, could be indicative of a more serious underlying vein condition.


In several cases, if the vein mass has developed into a twisted shape, laser ablation cannot be performed. Severely constricted veins would require ambulatory phlebectomy. In more severe cases when the veins begin to ulcerate, endoscopic vein surgery or vein ligation and stripping may be required, which must be performed only by a vascular surgeon.


Procedures like sclerotherapy are rare procedures in surgery which are a combination of science and art. For best results, you need a doctor who has seen thousands of patients and injected thousands of veins. Moreover, if your vascular doctor cares about aesthetics apart from the clinical benefits it is even better.

Spas and wellness centers focus on the aesthetics, but a good vascular expert can combine that with the health of your veins.

Call our vascular experts at Avis Vascular Center for your varicose and spider vein treatment.

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