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When to seek doctors’ advice about Varicose Vein

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Varicose veins aren’t in themselves dangerous, but if you have them, it is always advisable to get checked from a doctor. However many people don’t know when is the right time to get checked from the doctor. The below situations should be considered as an alarming symptom to head ahead to a vascular expert.

Colour change or Rashes in the lower legs

Many a time one can see the skin under the knee or the leg becoming darker. This is a sign that there might be varicose vein and due to pressure build-up, that area might have ulcers or varicose eczema. The colour change is known as haemosiderin deposition. Haemosiderin is a brown pigment that is developed from the iron present in red blood cells. This can leak out into the skin, when the pressure in veins is increased, staining it brown.

Varicose eczema, on the other hand, is a scaly, red and dry rash.  It can be tickling and often hits the leg area.  At times you may find that your symptoms are less pronounced while at others, they flare up.  Both haemosiderin deposition and varicose eczema can make your skin weaker and make it an ulcer-prone area. Both these signs indicate that you should take a doctor’s appointment.

Thrombophlebitis or blood clots

People who have been detected with vein disease can encounter blood clots.  If there is blood clot in a vein situated on a superficial level that is near the surface, it is called thrombophlebitis.  People who suffer from thrombophlebitis may notice a tender or firm vein, sore skin, or pain and inflammation. As a treatment for superficial thrombophlebitis, there are over-the-counter NSAIDs. It is a deep vein thrombosis when a blood clot forms in a vein that is deep and if it goes to the lungs this situation can be fatal. Signs of deep vein thrombosis involve pain, a pulling feeling in the calf muscles, redness, warmth, or inflammation.

Bleeding– If your area starts to bleed it indeed is dangerous. As varicose veins are a sign that the pressure is higher than normal, and if bleeding starts in one of them things could escalate pretty fast for the worst. In case such a situation does arise place your legs above the level of your heart. You can lie down and rest your legs on a stool. Until the bleeding stops, you can also put a lot of pressure on the area and then get to your doctor.

 Discomfort and Swelling

Many a time swelling in your legs can be seen. This occur primarily because of the pressure in the veins which can be very painful. People often report aching, heaviness, and throbbing. Get yourself checked immediately with a doctor if you are undergoing such symptom.


Ulcers are wounds that do not heal quickly. Moreover, if you have issues with your veins ulcers can be even more difficult to be treated. You may see that little cuts or scratches on your legs take longer to be cured than other parts of your body when you have varicose veins. You should definitely visit a doctor if you observe that the cut is taking more than two weeks to heal.

A vein specialist or an interventional radiologist is the ideal physician you should go to. The Avis Vascular Centre in Hyderabad India is one of the renowned vein care centres that can treat you varicose veins the best possible way. Whatever be the case always remember that treatment should never be delayed and hence a medical intervention is forever necessary.

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