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What to expect after the Vein ablation procedure

Peripheral artery disease

It was not too long ago when Varicose vein treatment meant undergoing a surgical procedure with considerable discomfort accompanied by extended downtime. Today, advanced techniques exist which can significantly reduce the pain and downtime besides offering a faster recovery and few after effects. 

At Avis Vascular Centre, our expert doctors offer endovenous ablation treatment for venous disorders. Vein ablation methods are quite effective in treating varicose veins and chronic venous insufficiency (CVI). Those bulging, gnarled varicose veins on your legs can not only be uncomfortable but might also have a negative impact on your self- confidence.

Beyond the repair of a failed vein and relief from symptoms, possible physical and psychological benefits of treatment include better enjoyment of social activities and even the pleasure of comfortably slipping into your favorite clothing. 

Minimally invasive treatment procedures for venous problems are performed under local anesthesia on a walk-in basis without surgery. Patients heal differently and many achieve dramatic and exceptional results. Some may notice a lot of bruising after the procedure, some may find hardly any. Results cannot be guaranteed. However, considerable improvement is noticed generally around 7-8 weeks once the healing process ends.

Laser ablation procedure

Through endovenous laser ablation technique, the abnormal veins are heated by laser and destroyed. Catheter or a thin tube is inserted into the varicose vein. Ultrasound is used to see the inside of the patient and the doctor guides the catheter through the complete length of the vein. When the tip is in the correct position, heat made by a laser fiber is applied to the inside of the vein. Damaged veins collapse and get sealed. Dead tissues gradually get absorbed by the body. 

Recovery after Laser Ablation procedure 

Ablation is performed as an outpatient procedure. Incisions are tiny, no sutures are needed and can be sealed with bandages. After the procedure you will be advised to wear a compressing hose or bandages for one or two weeks. This is necessary to prevent fluids from accumulating around the treatment area. Compression helps to minimize the swelling and it improves the healing process.

While bandages are removed, do not be alarmed when you see the bruises that may be present. It will settle by itself in just a few days. The treatment area may feel lumpy and tender. Within a few weeks the lumpiness will disappear. However, if you are uncomfortable, you may apply an anti-inflammatory gel or cream which can provide a soothing relief. 

Some may experience the skin being too sensitive or reddish after the treatment. You may be surprised and nervous as you might observe this few days after the procedure is completed. This may occur during the healing process as the vein is successfully getting absorbed into the body and it is usually not a matter of concern. 

A general recommendation for recovering patients would be to walk for few minutes every hour. It is advisable to consult with your doctor for any major recovery issue. 

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