varicose veins

Three simple exercises for varicose veins.

Varicose veins are those veins that lie under the skin in the leg region. These veins are frequently seen swollen and twisted they usually appear bluish or dark purple. You can see skin discoloration, some may experience pain, itching, burning, numbness, and ulcers on legs.

There are certain types of gentle exercises to help in the prevention of varicose veins. Varicose veins are caused by weak veins. When these veins lose their ability to pump the blood in an upward direction this results in the formation of the clot in the lower leg region, which shows symptoms like bulging and throbs in the veins.

Therefore, we need to maintain proper muscle contractions to normalize the blood flow in an upward direction against the pressure of gravity. So, you naturally need to adopt a proper lifestyle to regulate proper blood flow in the veins.

A few exercises will help to regulate proper blood flow in the veins, among them walking, swimming, and leg calf raises have reported some significant results.


So, now how does walking help varicose veins? If you are already suffering from varicose veins walking may ease your symptoms. This seems a bit evident, but it is important for preventing varicose veins. Walking helps calf muscles to contract and relax, helping to push the blood in the upward direction from the leg .walking is one of the easiest and safest way that can be recommended for all types of ages and keeps blood, moving around the veins and stops in the development of clots, indeed movement in any situation helps to reduce the blood clots and improves the blood flow.  Regular walking can maintain healthy blood pressure and strengthens your bone and muscle so, you can brisk walk or maintain a low pace depending on your comfort. You can walk once in a day by going outside. You may get some fresh air and sunlight which will also improve your mood. You can also use a treadmill if you have access to the gym centers. So, when you walk ,the muscles in your legs help to circulate the blood through your veins and help in decreasing the pressure in the veins.


If you’re someone new to swimming or you cannot swim, you can still practice water exercises called water aerobics to achieve great results. Swimming at least for 30 minutes in a day will help to circulate blood to your varicose veins and also maintain a healthy heart and benefits your cardio routines. You will start noticing the difference in a short period of time. Have you ever wondered why does your body seems to weigh low underwater? It is because of buoyancy. Buoyancy is an upward force of a liquid that acts on an object when it is placed underwater. Now, this buoyancy retains the pressure in the veins when you’re underwater as it decreases the pressure and helps to circulate blood from the heart to the veins, more prominently than on land.

Leg calf raises:

Leg calf raises are quite simple movements that help to strengthen your calf muscles and help with the circulation of blood through the varicose veins without straining your body. Your body needs proper blood circulation. If you spend a lot of time sitting or travelling in trains or planes for longer period of time then you must try this easy exercise to strengthen your calf muscles. Put your feet flat on the floor, then slowly raise your toes, stretching your calf muscles, now lower your toes towards the floor, and raise your heels repeat if needed for 2 minutes at least .you can still do this exercise even if you can’t walk, you may be able to work on your calf muscles by doing standing calf raises  using a chair, table, or desk support, slowly raise your toes for 30 seconds. You can also try desk exercise, lower leg extensions, and ankle circles.

Note: by the above-mentioned exercises you will not completely get rid of varicose veins. These are some of the specific ways to help and prevent the development of varicose veins. Genetics and pregnancy also play a role in varicose veins. Standing and sitting for a prolonged period after vein treatment is to be avoided. We hope you found this useful.