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Varicose veins treatment by Dermatologists

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You might be amazed by the variety of varicose veins treatment options offered to you, many from providers like dermatologists, and even medical spas. Are you confident that a dermatologist can effectively treat and cure your varicose veins? Are they qualified to do so?

Dermatologist to treat Spider veins

Spider veins are those clusters of red, purple, or blue lines branching out close to the skin surface that often resemble spider webs. Mostly cosmetic, they may not pose major health problems. However, they can take a toll on your self-esteem.

Spider veins can effectively be treated and removed by an experienced dermatologist by a procedure called sclerotherapy. They may also commonly use laser treatment to close the slightest of spider veins without damaging the skin.

Dermatologists with necessary training and years of experience can offer these treatments safely to patients with spider veins.

Is your dermatologist competent enough?

Often, spider veins can be a sign of more serious underlying conditions, like venous insufficiency. Are you sure your dermatologist can effectively perform a complete screening and evaluation of your veins and ensure that venous insufficiency problems do not exist?

If their skills are limited and they do not attend to the root causes of the problems, very often you notice that the spider veins reappear.

Varicose veins – when a dermatologist treats them

Varicose veins are more complicated than spider veins. Not all varicose veins are similar and different veins in the body present differently when they become varicose. It can affect different networks of veins and can be called saphenous (superficial) varicose veins, reticular varicose veins, perforator veins, and deep veins.

Treatment needs proper mapping of the unique vascular structure of the patient using ultrasound and choosing the best personalized treatment for his condition.

Various recommended treatments include radiofrequency or thermal ablation, phlebectomy and vein stripping and ligation.

Mostly performed as outpatient procedures, these procedures are very effective in removing the damaged veins and redirecting the blood flow to healthier veins.

However, dermatologists may be limited in this regard and hence proper experience, training, and essential hospital admission privileges must all be ensured.

It is often seen that the treatment of veins will not be a single mode of treatment but rather a combination of various methods based on doctor’s recommendations and suggestions.

Why choose a vascular surgeon for your veins?

Vascular surgeons specialize in treating all conditions of the vascular system including arteries and veins by addressing the root causes of the problem and deciding on the appropriate treatment which is essential.

If problems with arteries and veins exist, blood circulation would become poor and inefficient, leading to delayed wound healing. Chronic wounds may often lead to ulcer formation.

Only a vascular specialist can properly address any abnormality in the vascular system that potentially causes delay in wound healing and lead to other health problems.

A dermatologist can effectively treat cosmetic spider veins. But, for other serious vascular complications, it would be better to get treated by a Vein specialist.

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