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Advantages of Varicocele Embolization over Surgery

Varicocele Surgery

What is Varicocele?

The large and dilated veins inside the scrotum sac in males that causes heaviness, and pain in patients often seen and felt as a “bag of worms” is called as “varicocele.

Our doctors at Avis say that over their years of experience, they have learnt how uncomfortable and shy patients feel when they must disclose the problems affecting their private parts. Once diagnosed with varicocele it is nothing less than a shock as it is novel to many and the big question in their minds would be what they would need to do next?

In his quest for the best possible treatment options, it is natural for him to look for options of treating the disease with only medicines. Nobody would like to undergo a surgery and have a cut and scar that too near his private parts.

Embolization is a boon to those who are trying to avoid surgery while getting similar results.

Varicocele Embolization and its benefits

Traditionally, a urologist performs an open surgical ligation for symptomatic varicocele. After the procedure, most patients might require an overnight hospital stay and the recovery period is usually several weeks.

Varicocele Embolization, performed by an interventional radiologist, is a minimally invasive proven effective treatment option for Varicocele. Compared to surgery, the procedure has less risk, less pain, and offers a shorter recovery period.

Several studies have shown the improvements after the procedure measured by semen analysis and pregnancy rates and these are as effective as surgery.

Embolization procedure

Following the initial preparatory procedures, the interventional radiologist inserts a catheter into the vein identified through an image guided technology similar to the X- ray.

A contrast dye is injected into the catheter that helps visualize the veins and the doctor spots the affected vein to embolize or block the varicocele.

Small coils along with sclerosing agent are released which diverts the blood flow into the nearby healthy veins and shuts off the malfunctioning one. Healthy veins take over the function almost immediately and blood exits the scrotum and the varicocele will no longer be able to survive.

Another advantage is that if a patient is presented with varicoceles on both sides, he can have them simultaneously fixed through one vein puncture site when a surgery would require two separate open incisions.

Risk of infection is much less as there are no surgical incisions or sutures in the scrotal area.

Will I be left with a scar?

Embolization involves only a nick to the skin in the groin area sufficient to insert a catheter. Hence, the procedure leaves no permanent scarring.

Few general procedural risks do exist. However, if done by an experienced radiologist, these can be prevented to a large extent.

The procedure is cost effective and is covered by most of the insurance plans. We recommended you discuss the cost of embolization during your visit to our center. Book your slot for appointment at Avis vascular center and know more from our expert doctors.

Varicocele Treatment In Hyderabad

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