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How long does it take for Uterine Fibroids to shrink and for the symptoms to improve after Embolization procedure?

Uterine Fibroids Embolization

Symptoms associated with uterine fibroids can affect your wellbeing and quality of life. As symptoms deteriorate, most people think of the treatment options available. 

There are plenty of women in India who are recommended for hysterectomy, and many undergo the same. Following this procedure, which is a desperate attempt to treat the symptoms of fibroids, the patient does not just lose the uterus. This process also triggers early menopause, with all the hormonal fluctuations that it brings along. Your pelvis, and bladder may experience pain and sometimes infection steps in.

Nowadays, minimally invasive treatment options are available that are less complicated than surgery and requires lesser downtime.

Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE)

UFE offers an alternative treatment which is less invasive than surgery and more importantly, allows you to keep your uterus intact – a boon to many women who wish to conceive after the treatment. 

At Avis Vascular center, our expert doctors perform the UFE procedure with a high success rate of around 90%. Several years down the lane, our patients neither had to visit our clinic for a second UFE session nor did they have to seek any other alternative procedure. Downtime after the procedure is much less compared to the surgical options and cost of follow-ups is also low. Hence, we are highly encouraged with the excellent results that UFE offers, and its potential to fit your pocket. 

How are uterine fibroids detected?

Fibroid may be detected during a routine gynecologist examination. Some fibroids tend to be unnoticed during a pelvic exam. However, if you are doubtful, there are few diagnostic tests to help you with a proper diagnosis. You may be recommended tests such as an ultrasound scan, hysteroscopy, laparoscopy, or few others for that purpose.

How is Fibroid Embolization performed? 

During the UFE procedure, a radiologist, through a small incision inserts a catheter and injects small pellets (embolic agents) into the uterine arteries that supply blood to the fibroids and uterus. Blood supply to the fibroids is cut off and they are deprived of essential nutrients, which results in shrinkage of the fibroids. The entire procedure is done under local anesthesia. 

How long after embolization will the symptoms improve?

It is observed that normally it takes around three months after the procedure for fibroids to start shrinking. When this happens, symptoms improve and over time, they tend to disappear. Since each patient is different and depending on the size and location of fibroids, few patients have reported relief from symptoms within a month while few others reported they could feel a change after three to four months. However, within six months after the procedure most fibroids shrink, and patients report that they are satisfied with the results. 

Imaging done during a consultation with you doctor after the procedure will show how much shrinkage has occurred. You must understand that UFE will not make the fibroids disappear completely. However, the procedure is so effective in shrinking them that symptoms and all associated complications tend to disappear. 

To know more about the UFE procedure done at Avis and to learn about the success rates, visit our clinic and talk to our experts. 

Uterine Fibroid Embolization Treatment in Hyderabad 

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