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I am from Tirupati. My mother was suffering from diabetic foot infection. Her left foot thumb has been amputated.This time she had problem in her right foot middle finger. We were worried for her finger. My uncle suggested us to meet Dr. Rajah V Koppalal. Dr. Rajah V Koppala was very friendly and helpful. Dr. Rajah V Koppala took his time to explain my mothers condition as well as her treatment options. We had a great visit and the doctor’s demeanor has really put us at ease so I highly recommend him and Avis Vasular Hospital.
Women Vector_1Sumit TiwariGov. Employee
Dr. Rajah is one of the best surgeon for varicose veins. Very good experience..he explained the diagnosis very well. Very good response. Helped me understand the problem in simple language..
Women Vector_1SejhA BalaLSoftware Developer
Dr. Rajah V Koppala is best Dr for varicose veins. I am very happy that I got surgery done by him
Women Vector_1Sujay PaswanGovt. employee
I was suffering from Varicose veins since last 2 years tried many hospitals didn’t got any results but theres some magic in Dr.Manimarans Hand i cant believe my Varicose veins disappeared thanks to avis hosptials and Dr.manimaran
Man VectorSadeenPrivate Job
Dr. Rajah V Koppalal is a good surgeon, love his work
Man VectorTaser AnsariBusiness
Avis Vascular Centre and Dr Rajah are one the best doctors and hospital I found for Varicose Veins in Hyderabad. very friendly and caring people I strongly recommend this hospital .Very good hospital for treatment of varicose veins and vascular problem. My Father was suffering with Varicose Veins from past 2 years. Dr. Rajah advised for laser treatment and same day we got discharged. Cost of the treatment was very reasonable and no additional cost been charged for Scan. Thank you Doctor.
Man VectorVishA KagaRIT Employee
I was suffering with varicose veins since 1 year. I came to know about Dr. Rajah V Koppala from tv show. I have undergone surgery for my both legs. It was truly a great experience. Staff members of AVIS Hospitals are really kind. The hospital was really clean and neat. Nurses were friendly cooperative and Dr. Rajah sir took good care on me. I am happy with care, services of AVIS hospital.
Women Vector_1Srimadhu ArorahBusiness Man
I was suffered with varicose vein problem for 2 years’ was consulted with many doctors for these problem. I don’t have any awareness why i was getting severe pain and also my leg has changed its color to black and formation of small wounds .without of awareness consulted many dermatologist but there is no change. Then I got to these condition relates to vascular problem by one of my family doctor. They I came to know about Dr.Rajah.v.koppala and about Avis Hospital through Facebook. Then immediately engaged a message with the team of Avis Hospital. There is a immediate response from the team. and the representative called me and clear my doubts .give me information about the consultation and procedure. then I consulted Dr.rajah.v.koppala after all the formalities. He explained my condition and surgery procedure. I got my surgery within 3o mins. After surgery I was very fine and was experiencing change in my condition. Thanks to Dr.Rajah.v.Koppala and Avis hospital for excellent care.
Women Vector_1RiddhI AhujaIT
Iam diya , suffering from Varicose veins since 2 years , already undergone operation but it does not worked to me , after 1 year it was same no change suddenly I got to know about Dr.Rajah v koppala in TV 9 show and I contacted immediately there was nice response came from the team of Avis hospitals and undergone Laser treatment as per Dr. Rajah suggestion and there was no pains for me . Treatment was very good and Iam thankful to the team of Avis hospital for providing a good service.
Women Vector_1DiyaHome Maker
Very good hospital for Vericose related issues. My uncle had the surgery and he is doing well
Women Vector_1Swapna DasIT
my father in law was suffering from DVT and was not able to sleep in the night because of severe pain. Visited Dr Rajah garu in vijayawada. took treatment and he is much much better condition now. we are very happy with dr and his team for the care and treatment. also would like to thank following nurses.
Women Vector_1Kashya BahrISoftware
Really had good experience very friendly Doctor staff also I strongly recommend Avis Hospitals Hyderabad branch.
Women Vector_1PriyaIT
I had my surgery last week, Post-surgery follow up with Dr. Rajah. V. Koppala and Team of Avis Hospital was amazing. Thank you for Avis hospitals and team. The treatment was very good and I’m thankful to the team of Avis hospital for providing a good service.
Women Vector_1Ramya
Great experience in the Avis Hospitals. Dr. Rajah. V. Koppala explained everything very well. The treatment was very good and I’m thankful to the team of Avis Hospitals for providing a good service.
Women Vector_1VinayIT
This is the best Specialist Hospital for Varicose Veins treatment. Their services are good and staff are helpful. Place is hygienic and atmosphere is good. Doctors are caring.
Women Vector_1KrishnaveniHousewife
I am VISWANATHAN 62 years retired Bank Employee was having pulling of the nerves in both the legs during the same time last year and many nights I missed my sleep accidentally I saw about the treatment given by Avis Vascular Center in Facebook and went to the hospital and met Dr. Santosh and the free scan was taken for both the legs and I was diagnosed for varicose veins and was advised to undergo a small procedure under day care. I was admitted to the hospital in the morning under Dr. Rajah V Koppala and the procedure was done and discharged in the evening the best part is even after one year I was surprised to get a call from Dr. Santosh about my well-being. The bill payment has been properly taken care of through my medical insurance card by Mr. Karthik the marketing person of the team. Special thanks to Dr. Santosh | Dr. Rajah v Koppala Mr. Karthik and Avis Vascular Center  
Women Vector_1KrishnaveniHousewife
Dr. Rajah. V. Koppala is a very professional and experienced Varicose Veins Specialist. I strongly recommend that he has one of the best vascular doctors you can find.
Women Vector_1NirvansiyaSoftware
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Women Vector_1DishaSoftware

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