Tattoos to cover your Varicose veins – The safety issues

varicose veins risk's

It is true that Varicose veins are very uncomfortable and unsightly. But covering them up with permanent tattoo would be the worst thing you can do to them. A tattoo on varicose veins can potentially cause serious and painful complications in future. The procedure not only puts your health at risk but also makes further treatment difficult.

How are Varicose veins formed?

Always remember that Varicose veins is not a cosmetic problem and should not be treated like one. It is a condition that is caused when the valves in the veins which allow blood to flow in only one direction gets damaged, thereby causing the blood to flow backwards. Consequently, the blood starts to pool which later causes the vein walls to expand, twist and deform.

Tattoo on varicose vein:

Varicose veins are often very near to the skin’s surface. Hence, they have higher risk of being punctured by a tattoo needle. While getting a tattoo, lot of pressure is applied on the skin while deploying a needle at high frequency. If veins get pierced accidentally, it might cause internal or external bleeding. This can further lead to an infection. Furthermore, diseased veins generally have a harder time healing. Tattoos done on scar tissues are mostly safe but over the varicose veins it could lead to infection, making the veins look even more unsightly than before.

Another major reason to avoid tattoo on varicose veins is that it makes the damaged veins very hard to see. Therefore, though a great way to hide the bulging unsightly veins, your doctor will have a tough time to detect those veins to properly diagnose and treat them. Again, it is reported that tattoo over your varicose vein when you receive treatment, increases the likelihood of developing complications during recovery.

It is important to understand that the bulging, twisted, veins are never a cosmetic issue to be kept hidden. They need proper treatment. If left untreated the varicose veins get larger in size. The vein walls get thinner and consequently, even a slight bump can rupture them. A great deal of blood loss is possible, and this is determined by the size of the veins.

Varicose veins if left untreated could lead to serious health problems such as skin ulcers, severe pain, skin discoloration, and much more. Therefore, the best option is to always opt for proper treatment instead of concealing them with tattoos.

Wear compression stockings:

Wearing compression stockings regularly will help improve varicose veins. They improve circulation, reduce associated discomfort, and comes in different quality and colors. You can choose a dark compression hosiery so your veins are not very visible.

Doctors may recommend conservative therapies like exercise, dietary changes, elevating the legs, and therapeutic massage if your symptoms are mild. But for more effective treatments, minimally invasive treatments like sclerotherapy, endogenous laser ablation or radiofrequency treatment are available

It is essential that before making any decision patients should educate themselves on the causes, symptoms, and treatments for the venous diseases like varicose veins.

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