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Archive for Tag: Sclerotherapy

Sugar For Varicose Veins

Does your sugar intake influence your vein health

Christmas is around the corner. It is holiday season again and you might be tempted to indulge in sweets and sugar-coated snacks even more. You might be aware that having high intake of refined sugar is generally bad for...

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Varicose Veins treatment

Are massages effective for Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are an unsightly condition that often leaves you desperate and hoping that the throbbing, heaviness, and cramping associated with it disappear as fast as feasible. Many of you affected by this condition might have considered massage as...

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varicose veins treatment

Top Treatment Options for Varicose Veins

Surgery or minimally invasive methods: Are you searching for suitable treatment options for varicose veins? This article will help you understand the options that are currently available which are proven to be effective. The top treatment options for varicose...

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Vein Health

Sclerotherapy Treatment for Varicose and Spider veins–Facts you should know

Sclerotherapy, a minimally invasive procedure that treats small varicose veins and spider veins, involves the injection of a solution using a small needle directly into the damaged veins, eventually causing them to shrink and disappear. The procedure improves the...

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