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Smart questions to ask your Vein specialist

varicose veins

People who suffer from vein diseases know how serious it can get. The pain you feel may be minor, or it can be quite agonizing. Delaying treatment may only complicate the issue and you may find yourself dealing with a more serious and even life- threatening condition like Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). Hence, deciding on a qualified, trusted, and experienced Vein specialist is crucial and you should never rush into a decision while selecting your doctor.

Quite often, when you visit a clinic, you fail to ask questions to your doctor. At Avis, our doctors believe that a curious patient is a healthy patient. Our doctors wish their patients are more proactive and ask them more questions and learn more about their health. This would in fact get the patients more involved in treatment as they get more clarity about their condition. 

Here, we help you choose the right questions to ask your Vein specialist. 

1) Could you explain the reasons behind the symptoms I have?

Any condition related to veins needs an accurate diagnosis which will help to understand the reasons for its occurrence. Excessive weight gain, aging, pregnancy, sedentary lifestyle, and genetics are a few associated risk factors. 

Help your doctor know your condition better by giving the right information regarding your health which will enable him to decide the best treatment for you.

2) May I know your credentials? Are you board certified?

Yes, it does feel awkward to ask your doctor’s credentials. However, you should be aware that there are plenty of opportunities for fraudulent businesses. It is quite disturbing to learn that healthcare professionals could potentially take advantage of patients. 

Vascular surgeons are the only specialty of medicine that are appropriately trained for the procedures for varicose veins. These surgeons would have completed a residency programme that has been accredited and have also been board certified by the American Board of Medical Specialty, also known as the ABMS.

Physicians that are not appropriately board certified in vascular surgery to perform these procedures can potentially be harmful to your health.

Hence, you should never be afraid to ask about their qualifications, the number of procedures they have performed, and their success rates.

3) What are the risks of untreated varicose veins?

Not all varicose veins require treatment. However, if diagnosis and treatment are delayed vein problems can lead to more serious conditions like venous leg ulcers, blood clots, or pulmonary embolism which can reduce your quality of life.

4)  Can compression stockings provide permanent relief?

Compression stocking can provide effective symptom relief for few, but many find those quite uncomfortable. They are not a permanent cure for your vein conditions. Clinical studies have demonstrated that more proactive vein treatments like ablation techniques (Endovenous/laser), or sclerotherapy are more effective than simple compression therapy.

Make sure to talk to your doctor about treatment options suitable for you based on the severity of your condition.

We, at Avis, offer minimally invasive treatments which have high success rates of 90% in treating vein problems and reducing the symptoms. If you are looking to get away from those compression stockings, call our center today and book your appointment.

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