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Ruptured Varicose veins? What should you do

varicose veins vs spider veins

Varicose vein is known to be associated with discomfort, cramps, and pain. If left untreated, it can cause serious problems which include ulcer formation, blood clots or DVT. Untreated varicose veins can sometimes burst. This happens due to the pressure built up within the veins causing the walls to stretch and further weaken. Weakened varicose veins, when exposed to even a slight trauma like getting brushed up against a sharp edge, or while rubbing the area, are quite prone to profuse and rapid bleeding.

When varicose veins start to bleed!

Occasionally, the skin remains intact during a varicose vein rupture. The bleeding occurs internally, and you will experience bruising, dizziness, and occasionally fainting. If the symptoms are felt, you must immediately visit a doctor to avoid excessive bleeding or complications. 

However, if the skin is broken while the vein ruptures due to excess pressure, you may experience external bleeding which is severe and quite alarming. To prevent excessive blood loss, you need to immediately call the emergency contact and get medical help.

How to manage your ruptured varicose veins?

Sit down and apply pressure to the area with a cotton cloth or towel. Elevate the affected leg on a stack of pillows – a level above your heart. This will help to reduce the bleeding while your medical help arrives.

Can I prevent a varicose vein from bursting?

Only way to ensure that a Vein rupture does not occur is to get your unhealthy veins treated. Vein problems, if diagnosed, needs to be treated in order to avoid long term risks and complications such as leg ulcers, DVT or even serious Pulmonary Embolism. 

Treatment for veins is inevitable to improve your overall health.

Today, various minimally invasive treatments are available for vein diseases. Treatment procedures like Sclerotherapy and EVLA offer the shortest recovery time and the success rate is comparable to the more complex surgical Vein stripping procedure.

Book a Vein screening today

Proper diagnosis is a crucial step in assessing the severity of the condition and accordingly your doctor will suggest a personalized treatment plan for you. 

A vascular screening can assess the chances of problems relating to the arteries and veins. It checks whether your circulatory system is functioning properly to distribute blood throughout your body. Screening helps to detect the problems at the inception thereby reducing future complications, downtime, and risks. A duplex ultrasound may be recommended to capture images of the veins and evaluate the blood flow through them.

Vein screening is an essential part of treatment as it can help physicians to take preventive measures for those who are at a higher risk of developing life- threatening complications like Pulmonary embolism. This needs to be followed up with a Vein specialist appointment to discuss the treatment options. 

Avis center, with experienced radiologists together with their innovative technological capabilities and precise radiology interpretations, is focused on delivering reliable and sustainable healthcare benefits. 

For further details on the treatment options, call the vascular experts at Avis Vascular Centre.

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