Varicose Veins exercise

During this unprecedented lockdown in the wake of Covid-19, we have all been imprisoned in our homes for over a month now. In these unusual times, we are often tempted to binge-watch our favourite shows and movies on TV while enjoying lip-smacking delicacies with our family and it gets immensely important to take care of your vein health.

A few of us may even be reading books or learning new skills through online courses to utilize this time for self-growth. On the other hand, a majority of teenagers and young adults are spending their time playing multi-player online games and doing conference video calls with their friends and peers.

Not just this, a small percentage of us who have the opportunity to continue working from our homes during the lockdown, remain glued to our laptop screens throughout the day and have no time left for anything else.

It is sad and unfortunate that the lockdown restrictions that are limiting us to go out during this phase have forced us all to become lazy. Willingly or unknowingly, we have adapted to a sedentary lifestyle which is characterized by frequent over-eating and a total lack of physical activity.

It is, however, essential for you to understand that sudden changes to weight and/or activity levels can have an adverse effect on your vein health and overall well-being. For our veins to continue working well, it is very important for us to indulge in some form of physical activity every day.

Whether it is stretching, yoga, home aerobics, or dancing, any form of mild exercise will help improve your blood circulation by pumping blood back to the heart from the lower limbs. As an alternative, doing house-hold chores such as wiping the floor, doing the dishes, and washing clothes are also great ways to improve your activity levels while still being indoors.

Whether you live alone or with your family, ensure to keep moving as much as you can. Keep finding ways to get up and move every now and then. It is not as difficult as it may look, the above-mentioned simple ways will help you take good care of your veins and prevent vein disorders in the long run.

If you still happen to notice swelling with the appearance of bluish-purple enlarged veins on your legs and/or feet, please do not worry, our venous experts are available on WhatsApp for a free consultation during the lockdown. Simply reach out to the vein specialist on WhatsApp at For
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