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Medical Glue and Varicose Veins – is it an effective procedure?

Glue therapy

At Avis Vascular Center, when our doctors see patients for varicose vein treatments, they frequently find symptoms of venous insufficiency. This means that varicose veins can be much more than a mere cosmetic concern and if left untreated, can be dangerous and cause more serious health issues.

Once you have decided to get treated, the most significant question would be as to which treatment method would be best suited for you. 

Treatment procedures for veins have come a long way with advancement in technology. Earlier, patients did not have many options and most had to undergo a very invasive procedure commonly known as “Vein stripping.” The procedure required anesthesia, long recovery period which was painful, and many days of hospital admission. Patients with prior health conditions were excluded from this procedure due to its highly invasive nature and increased risks and hence had to endure the associated suffering.

Luckily those days are behind us! Today, we at Avis hospital, offer a range of non- invasive treatments including the medical glue treatment procedure, for your vein related problems. 

Varicose veins are seen when there is a problem with your circulatory system. When the valves in your veins are damaged due to various reasons, blood flowing upwards towards the heart, tend to stick around your lower extremities. Over a period, the veins start to stretch, and are bulged and visible through your skin.

Medical glue therapy is the latest and most advanced technology for treating varicose veins. The procedure has been very popular in recent years since it is the only non- thermal system for treating veins.

Glue therapy uses a medical adhesive to seal off the damaged veins. The procedure is safe and different in that neither does it necessitate the use of large volumes of anesthesia during the procedure nor does it require any medication to prepare for the procedure. 

Medical glue procedure explained

The entire procedure is performed under ultrasonic guidance.

During the procedure, local anesthetic is injected and the skin near the knee is kept numb. A needle is inserted into the vein. A wire is passed up the needle following which the needle is removed. A catheter is then passed up the vein along the wire. Glue (a medical adhesive) is injected from the catheter into the decease vein and the catheter is pulled back. Pressure is applied to the surface skin above the varicose veins for about 30 seconds. Within minutes the glue bonds with the lining of the vein and blocks the blood flow through it, thus shutting the vein off. Now, the next set amount of glue is applied, catheter pulled back and pressure applied. 

The number of repeated glue applications and the procedural time will be determined by the length of the deceased vein. As the blood flow through the damaged vein is prevented, varicose veins eventually disappear.

Efficacy of the treatment

The procedure, found to be safe in clinical trials, was approved by FDA in 2015 as an option to treat venous reflux diseases. 

Several studies have shown that the system is 95 % effective in maintaining the treated veins closed.

Talk to our doctors at Avis Vascular Center, and find out more details about the Glue treatment, including the benefits and possible risks.

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