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Lymphedema and its link to your Vein health


Lymphedema is a condition where swelling of the skin and underlying structures occur due to accumulation of a fluid called Lymph. In this blog, we will review how this condition gets connected to our vein problems and overall health. 

Vein problems like Chronic Venous insufficiency (CVI) and varicose veins can cause symptoms like swelling, cramps, and pain. Similar swelling and other symptoms are noticed due to lymphedema when fluid retention happens due to inadequate lymph fluid drainage. 

Persistent vein issues can worsen lymphedema. Lymphedema can further worsen the symptoms of varicose veins.

Know the potential causes 

Veins and the lymph vessels in your body have valves which work similarly and prevent the backflow of blood or accumulation of lymph. 

Trauma to your limb can create problems and increase the chances of developing vein problems or lymphedema. After an injury it is essential to take care of your limb by keeping it clean and covering in wraps if lymphedema has developed. 

Chronic venous insufficiency is caused by inability of the human body to efficiently circulate fluid, which in this case is ‘blood.’

Lymphatic fluid circulates throughout your body and is essential to keep your tissues healthy and plays a major role in fighting off infections. When lymphatic system fails due to several reasons including illness or inflammation, cancer and radiation therapy, or tumors, ‘lymph’ starts to accumulate and cause complications.

Treatments for Vein disorders and Lymphedema

Treatments are suggested based on the diagnosis of the condition. Swelling caused by lymphedema and vein diseases can be treated with compression stockings that may need your doctor’s prescription or you may also find them at your nearby pharmacy.

For lymphedema there is no single best treatment. Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD), compression bandages, and pumps are beneficial in improving the fluid circulation through your body. 

Decongestive lymphatic therapy (DLT) is a treatment that combines all the above-mentioned treatments along with suggested lifestyle changes. It is an intensive treatment offered daily for several weeks which aims to reduce edema and the volume of the affected body part.

Although there is no complete cure for lymphedema, proper diagnosis and management of the condition is essential to prevent further progression and complications. 

Surgery is an option where your surgeon uses microsurgical techniques and equipment to reroute the circulation through veins and lymphatic system. By means of surgery, the damaged nodes are bypassed and lymphatic channels are connected directly into your veins. 

Minimally invasive interventional procedures

  • Embolization of leaking lymphatic channels is a two-step procedure. Initially diagnostic imaging is performed which allows clinicians to map the anatomy of the lymphatic system and determine the precise locations of lymphatic leaks. Through X-rays, needles, surgical glue, coils, or a combination of agents, a small catheter will then be moved to the area that needs to be treated, and the leak will be sealed or embolized. 
  • Sclerotherapy, where medicines are injected to shrink abnormal lymphatic channels. The procedure carries lower risks than open surgery and does not cause any visible scarring. 

While there is no complete recovery for lymphedema, treatment options can significantly lower swelling and associated discomfort. To know more, talk to our vascular experts at Avis Vascular Centre

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