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Know the reasons for Varicose vein recurrence

Varicose Veins , venous hypertension

Varicose veins are caused by the malfunctioning valves inside the veins. The valves aid the transport of blood from the extremities back to the heart and prevents it from flowing backwards. When they become faulty, blood starts to flow backwards and may get accumulated around the leg veins. This condition is known as venous reflux. As the veins gradually turn twisted, discolored, and engorged, they are specified as varicose veins. Commonly found in the legs, the condition can occur in different parts of the body. 

The treatments available for varicose veins range from complex surgical procedures to very minimally invasive procedures like ablation, sclerotherapy, and glue therapy which offer excellent outcomes for the patients. However, Varicose veins do re-occur in certain cases.

Why do Varicose veins relapse?

Your Vein treatment outcomes depend on the expertise of your vascular specialist

For your veins to receive proper diagnosis and treatment, a great deal of planning is necessary. Recent studies report that the recurrence of varicose veins can be primarily attributed to inaccurate initial diagnosis, inadequate initial surgery, and progression of disease.

Our vascular system is highly complex in nature. The small veins are connected to bigger veins, known as reticular veins and those are connected to even bigger veins, the saphenous veins. Sometimes treatment for the deeper veins would be necessary to prevent further disease progression. 

In most cases, venous reflux cannot be completely cured in a single session of treatment. Several veins may be experiencing reflux and unless all such malfunctioning veins or sources of venous reflux are effectively treated, new varicose veins may recur in the future. 

Your vascular specialist may recommend few imaging tests including a duplex ultrasound to identify all possible sources of reflux in the legs.   

Procedures like sclerotherapy are rare procedures in surgery and are a combination of science and art. 

Attention to technical details will drastically reduce the chances of recurrence and hence a specialized vascular surgeon’s role cannot be overemphasized. For best results, you need a vascular specialist who has hands-on experience in treating a high number of patients.

You probably might have a progressive condition

The recurrence of varicose veins may be attributed to the patient’s genetic predisposition for varicose veins. If your varicose vein is an initial sign of a more complex condition called venous insufficiency, which is a progressive or chronic condition, then a permanent cure will be impossible. 

After an injury or a surgery, the healing process results in formation of new cells and blood vessels. This process occasionally can undo the effects of the vein treatments and varicose veins can reoccur.

Few studies also suggest that prolonged standing can precipitate varicose veins and can be one of the main factors for recurrence due to increase venous pressure especially in diseased venous valves.

When recurrences occur, a duplex scanning can provide the necessary anatomical and functional information about the nature of recurrence and accordingly, proper treatment and care need to be administered. 

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