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How to choose your “Vein” doctor?

Varicose vein Doctor

Your air conditioner stopped functioning. Would you call a plumber to fix it? Not likely. Similarly, if you experience problems with your veins why would you not be seeking a doctor who has expertise in the field who can effectively resolve the condition? It is important to find a doctor who has the necessary experience, training, and Board certification to get the underlying issues treated and cured. 

Who treats vein diseases?

The majority of vein doctors have had rigorous training and are well qualified to treat such conditions. But not all doctors go through the same extensive training and many lack the experience in dealing with veins, an important part of your circulatory system.

So how do I find the best doctor to treat my vein problems?

While searching for the best vein doctor near you, you will notice that veins are treated by dermatologists, interventional radiologists, vascular surgeons, and other specialists. So how do you decide who to approach? Here are a few important factors that you should consider in your search.

I. Doctor’s credentials and experience

Invest your time in researching the doctor’s credentials and his level of experience treating vein-related problems. Find out how many years they have been treating veins and how many venous procedures they have completed in their career. 

II. Service of “Board Certified” doctors

Who is a Board-Certified Vascular Surgeon?

Vascular surgeons complete a minimum of five years, and many would have completed surgical training for several years, with emphasis on the circulatory system. 

These specialists are trained in all aspects of vascular care, and they can effectively perform various types of procedures to treat the circulatory system, including minimally invasive procedures and complex surgeries. 

Getting treatment from a Board-Certified Vascular Surgeon will ensure that you are apprised of the various vein treatment options available. He can customize the treatment plan based on your specific condition.

Board certification is a prestigious designation earned upon completion of all the rigorous training, congregating all knowledge, experiences, and skills. 

III. Facilities available at the clinic 

Accurate diagnosis is the most essential requirement for your treatment. 

  • Is your doctor affiliated to an accredited lab facility to accurately diagnose your condition? 
  • Is the laboratory equipped to handle different treatment modalities, and alternate technologies to manage various venous conditions? 
  • Does the clinic have qualified ultrasonographer specialized in venous ultrasound and diseases?
  • Is the clinic accredited and does it ensure best practices in venous diagnostics and care?

IV. Treatment beneficiary’s recommendations

Your family members, friends, or whoever has had the first-hand experience would be a good source of information and you could decide based on the trust they have developed on the doctor and clinic.

You can expect the best outcomes once you choose your doctor judiciously and fortunately with all recent developments, minimally invasive procedures are available which can help you walk out of the clinic after treatment and resume normal activities in the least possible time.

For details on the treatment for Vein-related disorders, reach out to our specialists at Avis Vascular Center.

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