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Varicose Veins Specialist in Rajahmundry

Varicose veins are a common venous disorder. A majority of people, especially women who are in their old age complain of pain and discomfort from these swollen and enlarged veins.

Owing to medical advancements, the Painless laser treatment for varicose veins in Rajahmundry is now possible! It is a minimally invasive process that is performed with local anesthesia. There is no risk of any side effect such as pain, bleeding, or infection.

Dr Vinay Nyapathy, M.D. has over 15 plus years of multifaceted experience ranging from Education, Academics, Administration, Teleradiology and Establishing new business ventures.

Professor, Dept of Radiodiagnosis. Worked as senior lecturer /Associate professor at Christian Medical College, Vellore.

Certified Treating Physician for Uterine fibroid treatment using EX-ABLATE 2100 system(only the second radiologist in India) Number of publications: 15 (In both National, international peer-reviewed journals and Indexed journals)
Three international paper presentations,

1. In the FUS Foundation Washington DC on October 14th 2012,
2. RSNA(Radiological Society of North America), Chicago on November 27th 2012
3. European college of radiology ECR 2018, VIENNA

Partner /Director- Lucid diagnostics(Karnataka Pvt LTD) Bangalore.
Consultant Interventional radiologist AVIS hospital .

Member, Board of studies in Allied health Sciences, Faculty of Medicine and Academic council of Sri Devaraj Urs Academy of higher education & research, Deemed University.

Visitors Fellow of Musculoskeletal and Neuroradiology from Stanford medical school, California.

Dr. Vinay

Avis Vascular Centre - Rajahmundry

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