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Have you been told that your varicose veins are too “twisty” for laser treatment?

varicose veins

Few weeks ago, a patient came to our clinic and had a story to tell. He had varicose veins and wanted to get laser treatment on his veins. He had seen a vascular surgeon before, and he was told that his veins were too twisted and that a laser treatment will be in vain. His doctor recommended a vein stripping surgery for possible benefits and outcomes. 

The patient despised surgery and was nervous about anesthesia during the procedure. He was confident about his suitability as he had done a detailed study on internet and hence came to us for a second opinion. And yes, he was right!

Our doctor performed an ultrasound scan and confirmed valve damage, reverse blood flow and vein reflux. The veins were straight without any single complex twist. This was not a new experience to our doctors. “Your veins are not suitable for a laser therapy. They are too twisted, and gnarled!” This seems to be the most common excuse given by doctors who are not happy or equipped to perform the laser or any other minimally invasive procedure and are comfortable in the traditional surgical procedure. 

Treatment of varicose veins by Endovenous Ablation therapy (EVAT) using Radiofrequency or laser has been recommended by NICE (National Institute of Health & Care Excellence Guidelines). They also recommend treating veins by another minimally invasive method, Sclerotherapy, if the patient is found suitable. 

NICE Guidelines recommend Vein stripping surgery to patients only in cases where neither ablation nor sclerotherapy is found suitable. 

What doctors at Avis Vascular center say?

Our team of doctors feel that surgery for varicose veins is not to be considered. Patients with Varicose veins can be treated and effectively managed with Endovenous ablation or sclerotherapy techniques. 

However, most surgeons treating varicose veins are not properly trained or experienced in these relatively new non- invasive procedures and hence they are compelled to recommend surgery to patients.

Doctor’s self-interest and pride often prevent them from guiding their patients to another vein specialist who can treat their vein conditions in a far safer, and more effective non- invasive manner.

Vein stripping Surgery often regarded as a “brutal” procedure    

Anyone who has undergone vein stripping treatment would tell you how traumatic, awful, and painful the experience was. It involves stripping out the saphenous veins after making a cut about 2.5 cm to 5 cm long in the groin and another cut, about 1.5 cm long, either inside the knee or at the ankle. The main vein branches in the groin are then tied off with sutures. The main surface vein is then stripped out with a special stripping tool. 

Imagine if your body had to endure all this traumatic experience only to find out that fresh extensive veins have grown following the wound healing process. 

Do not delay treatment for veins

Are you nervous about surgery for your veins and hence delaying your treatment?

Based on our experience, it can be undeniably stated that the results of EVLA, RFA, and sclerotherapy are comparable and even arguably better than those provided by the very cumbersome surgical ligation and stripping procedure.

Contact Avis Vascular center today, and book your appointment to know more about the procedure details.

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