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Glue therapy that revolutionized the treatment of Veins

Varicose veins treatment in hyderabad

Varicose vein is a condition that affects millions of people every year. Are you one among them looking for a treatment option for the damaged veins? Top treatment options for varicose veins are surgery or minimally invasive treatments like sclerotherapy, or ablation techniques which have the goal of closing off the deceased veins or removing them altogether. These procedures use heat and sclerosants so that blood can be redirected to healthier veins.

With the advent of the new technique, Medical Glue therapy, it is possible to treat veins in a faster and more comfortable manner. It has an additional benefit that the procedure eliminates the use of heat or sclerosants used in ablation therapy and thus eliminates the risk of a possible nerve injury.

Comfortable treatment without stockings

Glue therapy requires only a single needle prick on the deceased vein. Patients experience less pain during and after the procedure. Another benefit is the absence of multiple injections of anesthesia or saline injection during the procedure. This makes the procedure suitable even for older patients with other health conditions.

During the procedure, a local anesthetic is injected and the skin near the knee is kept numb. Following this, a needle is inserted into the vein. A wire is passed up the needle and the needle is removed. The catheter is then passed up the vein along the wire. Glue is injected and the catheter is pulled back. Pressure is applied to the surface skin above the varicose veins for about 30 seconds. In a few minutes, the glue seals and shuts the vein. Now, the next set amount of glue is applied, the catheter is pulled back and pressure is applied. The procedure is repeated for the whole length of the deceased vein. The entire procedure is performed under ultrasonic guidance.

Every other treatment of veins involves the continuous use of stockings during and after the procedure. Glue therapy of veins is unique in that it does not require stockings after the treatment. Hence, for patients, it offers a more comfortable and trouble-free recovery period.

Results & benefits of Glue treatment

1.         Evidence-based results show that the long-term closure rate of glue therapy is >96%.

2.         There is a high patient satisfaction rate as the peri-procedural pain is low.

3.         Glue treatment procedure is faster and less painful with a minimum of adverse events. There is no risk of damage to surrounding tissues, especially peripheral nerves.

4.         Glue treatment normally does not require bandages or compression stockings.

5.         Normally performed as an outpatient procedure.

6.         When performed by experienced and skilled interventional radiologists the patient safety profile is excellent.

7.         Properties of the medical glue are perfect which ensures that the glue stays exactly where it is placed without diffusing into the general blood circulation.

If you have not had sclerotherapy or surgery in the targeted diseased vein, and if the ultrasound scan could identify a suitable “target vein” for the glue treatment, then you may be a candidate for glue therapy. For additional information on the treatment, call our experts at Avis vascular center and book an appointment.

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