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Glue Treatment for Varicose Veins

Glue treatment for varicose veins

Dramatic improvements in the treatment modalities for varicose veins are observed in recent years. In earlier days vein stripping was the single mode of treatment, where the damaged vein was removed under general anesthesia and it took several weeks for the patient to fully recover. Today, vein stripping is rarely performed. Next came a minimally invasive thermal ablation procedure, in which laser or radiofrequency was used to treat and seal the varicose veins. However, this involved multiple injections of local anesthesia.

The most recent development in the treatment of varicose veins is the use of a medical “glue” for treatment. This simple method basically glues the varicose veins and the body then naturally reroutes the blood through healthy veins in the area, while reabsorbing the shut vein. The reabsorption causes the vein to disappear.

What is Glue treatment for varicose veins?

A special type of “superglue” is used for treatment which seals off the veins with damaged valves. The glue performs the same job of closing varicose veins like the endothermal ablation (EVLA) which seals off the veins by intense heat or by surgical “vein stripping” procedure.

How is glue treatment performed?

A local anesthetic is injected and the skin near the knee is kept numb. Following this, a needle is inserted into the vein. A wire is passed up the needle and the needle is removed. The catheter is then passed up the vein along the wire. Glue is injected and the catheter is pulled back. Pressure is applied to the surface skin above the varicose veins for about 30 seconds. In a few minutes, the glue seals and shuts the vein. Now, the next set amount of glue is applied, the catheter pulled back, and pressure applied. The procedure is repeated for the whole length of the diseased vein. The entire procedure is performed under ultrasonic guidance.

What are the distinctive advantages of glue treatment?

  • Unlike endovenous ablation treatment procedures (laser, radiofrequency), this procedure does not involve multiple injections of anesthetic fluid.
  • Glue treatment avoids any discomfort or bruising that is common after endothermal ablation or surgical stripping procedure.
  • While other kinds of treatment require usage of compression bandaging or stockings over veins that have been glued for several days, glue treatment normally does not require bandages or compression stockings. During treatment when veins are removed through small incisions, slight bruising is possible which can be minimized with just 24 hours of compression usage.
  • Immediate return to normal activities is possible, though avoiding any strenuous work is generally recommended for few days.
  • No general anesthesia is needed and this is done as a single day procedure.
  • The entire procedure is completed in an hour and the patients have quicker recovery.

Am I a suitable candidate for glue treatment?

Glue treatment is most effective for varicose veins that are around or larger than 2 cm in diameter or on veins that are deeply hidden within the leg. You may be a suitable candidate for the treatment if your veins have not had sclerotherapy or surgery performed in the targeted vein.

The Avis Vascular Center has effectively established this state-of-the-art treatment option with promising results in the treatment of Varicose Veins that has benefited numerous patients. Doctors at Avis vascular Center will be happy to explain your options to fix your vein problems. Call us today and book your appointment for a consultation.

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