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Hysterectomy for Fibroid Removal. Is it always necessary?

uterine fibroids treatment

Divya has been dealing with uterine fibroids for over two years now. She was hopeful that things would improve, and her pain and symptoms will get better with time. But, now with no relief and unbearable pain she opts for treatment. A search on internet showed her that hysterectomy is a possible treatment for permanent removal of fibroids. But this choice of treatment was not an easy one for her. She wonders if surgery is the only option for her.

Here is the good news. Surgery is not the only option for fibroid removal. It may be the only option for few women, including those with cancer of the uterus, or any associated areas, those who are suffering from severe pelvic inflammatory disease, uncontrollable bleeding, or complications during childbirth.

Fibroids, which are abnormal growths, typically non-cancerous or benign, in or on a woman’s uterus can become large and cause major discomfort. It can also exist with no symptoms or signs at all. A hysterectomy is a fibroid removal surgical procedure that involves removing complete or part of a woman’s uterus and, in few cases, even the fallopian tubes and ovaries, depending on the location of the fibroids.

It is very important to note that while the procedure is effective in removing the painful symptoms of the fibroids, there are several cons of the procedure that may outweigh the benefits of it. Hysterectomy eliminates the chances of pregnancy in future. Hence it is important to know that various other uterine fibroid treatments exist which are equally effective and may permit you to get pregnant later.

Hysterectomy procedure has a long recovery time of several weeks and can also cause other disruptions such as hormonal imbalances, changes in sexual feelings or sensations or depression. Nowadays the procedure is reserved only for ladies with massive fibroids and severe bleeding who are approaching or post- menopause.

Can Fibroids be treated without a Hysterectomy?

Yes, it is possible. Women should know the difference between fibroid removal and fibroid treatment. While surgical procedures like hysterectomy or myomectomy are the only options to completely “remove” the fibroids, for fibroid treatment and management there is a very effective minimally invasive procedure called uterine fibroid embolization”.

Uterine Fibroid Embolization

UFE is a non-surgical and minimally invasive procedure which is performed through a pin-sized hole in the wrist and intended to block blood flow to fibroids This causes fibroids to shrink and die. The procedure which preserves the uterus, is a boon to many young women to intend to be pregnant in future.

Done as an in-patient procedure under local anesthesia, the procedure is known to cause very few side effects which may include cramping and mild nausea. The procedure requires less hospital stay and the recovery time is average a week’s time. The procedure is considered a gold standard in non-surgical treatment of fibroids and thousands of women have already opted for this treatment. Call Avis Vascular center today and find out if you qualify for the UFE procedure.

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