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Dispelling the myths surrounding Varicose veins and its treatment

varicose veins

With overwhelming bits of information about varicose vein condition and its treatment, we need to filter out authentic facts and dispel the rest as myths.

Many of those who have blue or purple bulging veins in your legs may consider them as unsightly and merely cosmetic issue. However, as myths perpetuate incorrect information, people may tend to postpone the treatment of veins and this can put their health at risk

MYTH #1: Varicose Veins are incurable, and it is futile to get them treated

Varicose vein is a progressive disease and is more than merely a cosmetic concern. For many, it can be the first sign of venous insufficiency and if not treated, can lead to several other complications. 

Poor blood circulation due to damaged valves in veins can cause constant increase in pressure inside the veins. As blood vessels become fragile even a small scratch can make the skin in your legs break easily leading to ulcer formation. Varicose vein is also a common cause of superficial thrombophlebitis which is an inflammatory process that leads to formation of blood clots that can block one or more veins, especially in the legs. 

Today, with the available treatment options, there are several things that you can do to prevent the disease from progressing and help to manage the condition in the moderate stage itself.

MYTH #2: Even after seeking treatment, the Veins will always recur

Several recent studies have reported that the recurrence of varicose veins can be primarily due to inaccurate preliminary diagnosis, inadequate initial surgery, and progression of the condition. 

Attention to technical details will drastically reduce the chances of recurrence and hence, a specialized vascular surgeon’s role cannot be overemphasized. 

For best results, you need a vascular specialist who has treated many patients and injected thousands of veins.

MYTH #3: Treatment for Varicose Veins is painful

Early treatment procedures like Vein stripping or ligation were very painful and often had scarring and surgery related complications. Nowadays, with advancement in technology, many non-invasive treatment options are available. 

Patients mostly refer the minimally – invasive Vein procedures as slightly uncomfortable, and rarely as painful. Needle pinches, and medicine-induced burning sensation are commonly experienced.

MYTH #4: Varicose Vein is a disease of the old

Believing that varicose veins are reserved for an older age is a myth. Though risk factors are more for people over 50, you can develop varicose veins at a young age too. Today, many people in as early as their 20’s find themselves developing the condition.

Varicose veins can strike at any age depending on your lifestyle, genetic factors, obesity, and other factors.

Myth #5: Everybody has some leg pain, maybe it’s just the age!

It is true that the likelihood of you developing varicose veins increases with age as the vein valves gradually lose their elasticity and strength. However, it is also a fact that vein issues may stem from various other factors and it is essential that these are addressed at the right time to prevent them from progressing and causing serious complications. 

MYTH #6: Insurance does not cover Varicose vein treatment 

Symptomatic Varicose veins for which treatment is considered “medically necessary” and not “cosmetic care” will be covered by most of the leading insurance companies. 

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