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Stages of venous disease

Know the various stages of venous diseases and prevent amputation

More than half of the amputations performed today are due to various conditions that restrict blood flow in various parts of the human body. Among those, lower limb amputation is quite common and is mostly performed due to venous...

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treatment options for varicose veins

No surgery, no scars treatment options for your Varicose veins

What do we mean by surgery? For most of us, surgery means getting admitted to the hospital few days before and undergoing a procedure which involves incisions, stitches, scars, and probably pain and major discomfort for a few days....

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Vein Disorders

Vein stripping surgery – No longer the only treatment option for Vein disorders

We have several minimally invasive treatment options available to us today to treat vein related problems. However, many surgeons still recommend vein stripping procedure as the preferred treatment for varicose veins in the legs. We, at Avis vascular centre,...

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