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What are Varicoceles?

A varicocele is a vein inside the scrotum (the pouch that holds the testicles) that becomes enlarged due to pooled blood. In other words, varicoceles are the varicose veins of the scrotum.

Varicoceles are formed when the veins in the scrotum/testes are unable to send deoxygenated blood back to the heart. This results in swollen and twisted veins that are similar to those found in the leg.

Most varicoceles are asymptomatic which means that the patients do not experience any pain or discomfort. Also, varicoceles are usually harmless and do not cause any major health complications.

As you would know, the body temperature in the scrotum is roughly five degrees lower than the normal body temperature. This is essential for the body to continue to produce good quality sperms.

But in patients who develop varicoceles, the accumulated blood causes overheating of the testes which can eventually lead to lower sperm count and decrease in sperm quality. Thus, patients with varicoceles can experience difficulties in fathering a child.

Varicoceles are common and it is estimated that about 15 in 100 men develop varicoceles at some point in their lifetime. Although it is hard to predict the percentage of these men who complain of fertility disorders, it is known that roughly 4 in 10 men who are tested for infertility have a varicocele and decreased sperm movement.

How can Varicoceles be Treated?

Patients who do not have any symptoms do not generally require any treatment for varicoceles. However, if you experience pain, infertility, notice the left testicle to be growing slower than the right one, or have an abnormal semen analysis report, it is essential for you to consider treatment options with your doctor.

There are no medications or oral drug treatment for varicoceles. Pain killers may offer temporary relief but eventually, you will need a permanent treatment. Varicocelectomy is a laparoscopic surgical procedure that removes these enlarged veins and helps restore blood circulation in the male reproductive organs.

However, like any other surgical treatment procedure, there are a few complications that can develop after varicocelectomy such as infection, bleeding, bruising, further damage, and others.

What is the Non-Surgical Treatment method for Varicoceles?

Varicocele embolization is a great alternative to the surgical treatment of varicoceles. The embolization process is a minimally invasive procedure that is performed by a vascular expert. This procedure works by blocking off the affected veins which eventually causes the varicocele to shrink and dye off.

The affected area is numbed using local anaesthesia. The vascular expert makes a small incision in your groin to insert a catheter. This catheter has an attached X-Ray device which allows the doctor to have a look inside and locate the damaged veins in the affected area.

Once the doctor is able to locate the varicocele, a coloured dye is used to highlight the damaged vein. The doctor is then able to have a clearer look at the infected vein with the help of the contrast coloured dye.

The doctor then uses an embolic material to permanently close off the varicoceles. These closed veins automatically get absorbed in the body and the body re-routes blood to other neighbouring healthy veins.

Varicocele embolization has a success rate of 90% and there is only a negligible chance of recurrence. There are no side-effects to this procedure. It has reduced recovery time and it is a totally safe treatment method.

This procedure is highly advantageous as patients do not require general anaesthesia and there is no scarring. In most cases, patients can go back home on the same day and there is no need for hospitalization.

The best part about varicocele embolization is that it does not require you to stop your physical activities. You can continue your workouts and sexual activities in just two weeks after the procedure.

Which is the Best Doctor for Varicocele Embolization?

If you have been diagnosed with varicoceles, it is best to get your treatment from a distinguished doctor who has a proven track record of success!

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