There is very little awareness about varicose veins in India. They often misinterpret the early symptoms of varicose veins which leads to tremendous delay in treatment and results in formation of venous ulcers and other severe wounds.

Avis Hospitals has an exclusive department where the experienced vascular experts perform physical examination and medical tests, if required, to examine and diagnose the multiple different types of varicose ulcers. The team of specialists offer effective wound care and assist in speedy recovery for patients of all age groups.

Not only this, there are more than a handful of other reasons why Avis Hospitals is truly superior and definitely a notch above the other vascular treatment centres in Hyderabad as well as all across India. Let us have a look at the medical facilities and patient care services offered by Avis Hospitals that make it rank much above the others:

  1. No Hidden Charges – At Avis Hospitals, we charge a single composite fee for the complete treatment process. We do not conduct any undesired medical tests and do not ever keep the patient unnecessarily admitted in the hospital for prolonged durations. Please be assured that there are absolutely no hidden charges at any phase of the treatment procedure.
  2. Advanced Technology – Avis Hospitals has a modern infrastructure and employs the latest equipment for speedy treatment and quick recovery of all patients. We use the most advanced no-cut, no-stitch, and no-scar laser treatment procedures for painless and minimally invasive treatment that does not even require the patient to take any sedatives or general anaesthesia.
  • Patient-centric Protocols – Avis Hospitals places the patients and their well-being at the top most priority. We have designed our processes and methodologies to be extremely beneficial for the patients. We always make them feel truly comfortable throughout the procedure. Our operational protocols have been verified and approved by the American College of Phlebology.
  • Qualified Physicians – Avis Hospitals is owned by US and UK qualified physicians who have immense experience of having successfully treating patients with varying degrees of health complications and severity of vascular disorders. For us, the patient’s health is vital and we ensure we never compromise with it.
  • Standalone Fully-Fledged Vascular Interventional Radiologist Centre – We are proud to be the only vascular hospital in India that is self-sufficient and fully-fledged with the latest amenities and advanced medical treatment procedures for exceptional quality cure and care.

Trust us to be your best bet for any vascular medical conditions. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Rajah V Koppala today!