Varicose veins transpire when the valve of the vein fails to operate normally. Blood flows in the opposite direction, which causes the blood to pool inside the vein. This is called varicose vein. Being a very common ailment varicose vein has a lot of treatment options. However one must first know the preventive measure which might in future help in preventing Varicose Veins. As one of the primary cause of Varicose Veins is genetics it cannot be prevented entirely However there are other factors that contribute to it such as being overweight, exposure to heat, wearing very tight clothes, and these factors can be controlled which prevents varicose from getting worse.

Here are the things to prevent varicose veins

  • Try to give your feet some comfort as often as possible if you are troubled by varicose veins. Standing for too long exert pressure in the legs which has maximum chance to have a varicose vein. Taking short gaps frequently will help ease the pain. While sleeping at night, to get relief from the swelling you can lift your legs. Also when you sit with your legs try to raise slightly above your chest level. The aim is to not exert pressure to the leg muscles.
  • If your work demands you to stand for a long time then try to work out and bend your toes and calf muscles. Exercise will help to pump blood without pressure and prevent pooling of blood. Also, stretching can increase muscle power.
  • Elastic support stockings help to prevent blood from pooling in the legs. One can wear them to stop the further growth of varicose veins.
  • Avoid using straps, bands, and other skin-tight clothing that can compress the circulation of blood. Try to sit with your legs elevated about the level of your hip, at least twice a day for at least half an hour a day
  • Overweight or obesity can cause the problem of varicose veins. It is surveyed and is a proven fact that individuals who have more weight that is necessary are prone to having varicose veins. Any exercise activities that help to stretch the muscle of the leg.
  • Ultimately, apart from the unsightly condition and other manifestations of varicose veins, these are seldom harmful. However, a doctor a doctor’s consultation are always advisable in case you do face any problem regarding the varicose veins. Critical varicose veins may even have heavy bleeding.

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