A varicose vein is a condition where the blood tends to pool in one specific area rather than moving up front through the valve of the veins. This occurs due to weak valves present in the vein or from obesity or other health issues. There are several factors that can add up to the formation of varicose vein. To prevent and take precaution apart from medication the daily diet should be under examination.

Daily food habits affect a lot when it comes to combatting any ailment or leading the body to fall for any malfunction. One such very harmful food habit that gives rise to many problems is consuming alcohol. Alcohol consumption on a minimal to a moderate level is not fatal but when it becomes an addiction it threatens the health and gives birth to numerous problems in your body. In context to Varicose Veins here is some information that you need to know.

Alcohol consumption does not help in developing varicose vein yet it does play an adverse effect on people who are already affected by the condition or show high symptoms. Alcohol consumption worsens the situation and increases the symptoms.

How Alcohol Consumption Affects the Circulatory System

When a person drinks alcohol, their rate of heart rises. An expanded heart rate indicates more blood is being tapped through the heart muscle at an accelerated rate of speed. When this occurs, the veins get an incursion of blood flow, which creates a strain on the veins. If a vein is weak already, the increased blood flow can worsen the stress on vein walls. Besides, the liver has to run hard to process alcohol from the body. This uses resources from other functions. One such important function of the body that is hindered is the blood regulation in which the blood is thickened.

How Alcohol Consumption aggravates the condition of Varicose Veins

The results of alcohol on the circulatory system make their way to the veins moderately fast. After a few drinks, blood increases in thickness and flows at a greater speed, however, the venous valves do not align the course of action. The faulty valve that already has trouble blood accelerating normal circulation through the vein will strive further and struggle more when the blood is thick and fast-moving. Veins that are already swollen are punched with more stress and pressure. This causes excessive inflammation and, in some cases, the pain gets even more serious.

Although in the present research, alcohol consumption is not a verified factor that accelerates the condition of varicose veins but links are there that it does add to the worsening of the condition. However, people with venous insufficiency or weak muscles are advised to take special care when consuming alcohol and pay intense attention to how it influences their symptoms of varicose vein.

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