Wound Care Tips for Lymphedema Patients


Lymphedema is the medical term for abnormal swelling in one area of your body that is caused due to some problems of the lymphatic system. The swelling is a result of an unusual accumulation of the lymph fluid in the soft tissues, most commonly in the extremities such as arms and legs.

It is a chronic medical condition and delays or lack of treatment can lead to irreversible skin changes, difficult to heal wounds, frequent infections, and impaired mobility resulting in an overall drop in the overall health and quality of life.

Lymphedema Wounds

Lymphedema patients are highly likely to develop wounds due to moisture build-up and fungal infection. As the swollen area is under extreme tension, even minor scratches that would otherwise health often turn into wounds and require special care.

For some patients, the lymph fluid tends to drain out from the wounds which not only slows down the healing process but also increases the risk of infections. Needless to say, it is essential to maintain hygiene and practice skin care to prevent the wound from getting worse and the condition from progressing to further health complications.

Skin Care Tips for Lymphedema Wounds

Skin is the body’s first line of defense against external pathogens. Any wound which is primarily a break or opening in the skin surface provides for easy entry of micro-organisms inside the body.

Delay or lack of lymphedema wound care can result in serious complications in the form of skin infections such as lymphangitis, cellulitis, lymphadenitis, and ulcerations.

Below mentioned are some quick tips for you to take good care of your skin and avoid skin infections that are known to cause other health complications:

  1. Always keep your extremities clean and dry
  2. Ensure to apply moisturizers to keep the area moist and avoid chapping. Do not use moisturizers that are scented.
  3. Avoid any injury or trauma to the affected area
  4. Take extra care while using razors for hair removal to prevent any cuts and bruises in the affected area
  5. Avoid skin punctures for injections or blood work
  6. Use sunscreens to avoid sunburns. Do not forget to use hot pads or oven mitts while cooking.
  7. Choose to visit a nail care specialist and avoid grooming your nails on your own
  8. Use a mosquito repellent to prevent bug bites
  9. Wear gloves or shoes while performing activities that can cause a skin injury
  10. If you get an injury, wash the area thoroughly with soap and water and then apply a moisturizer after drying the area
  11. Always observe your skin for any signs of infection
  12. If you notice any rash, redness, pain, or itching in the affected area or complain of worsening swelling, increased skin temperature, or fever and flu-like symptoms, consult a healthcare practitioner without any further delay

Tips for Lymphedema Wound Care

The main aim of lymphedema wound care is to reduce bacterial bioburden in the affected area. Following tips are sure to help you take care of lymphedema wounds effectively:

  1. Ensure to keep the wound covered with a clean and sterile dressing that is highly absorbent.
  2. Always keep the wound clean. Use tap water and a clean sterilized cotton cloth to slowly wipe off any discharge from the wound.
  3. Prevent bulky dressings as they make it difficult for you to use compressions garments. Ensure to change your dressing frequently.
  4. Do not use any antiseptic ointments on or around the wound
  5. It is a good idea to irrigate the wound with sterile saline water as that helps dislodge bacteria
  6. If you have swelling, it is best to keep your limbs elevated as a reduction in swelling is known to fasten up the healing process.

Lymphedema Treatment and Care

Lymphedema usually gets worse with time and you must never ignore the early symptoms. In case of an infection on the wound, you must seek immediate medical care to prevent further damage.

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