Varicose Veins is a very common disease that is caused due to the malfunctioning or weakness of the valves in the veins that carry blood to the heart. The pooling of the blood due to weak valves and muscle power appears as a bluish dilated surface on the skin leading to the Varicose Veins. Every ailment has its treatment. Being a recurring ailment, nowadays there are multiple Treatment Centre available and choosing the right one can be a challenging task.

Here are some guidelines which will help you out to find the best Varicose Veins Treatment Centre.

Initially look for less invasive procedures– For the treatment of varicose vein there are a lot of centers that offer surgical treatments that will definitely cure the problem but surgical methods tend to give scars. This is the reason why treatment options that are less invasive should always be initially approached for.

Seek for an Interventional radiologist Majority vascular centers provide you with expert doctor’s consultation. However, doing a research from your end is also important. For any vascular related problem, an interventional radiologist is the best person to go to. He has the specialized knowledge required to guide you through your doubts and issues.

Look out for a reputed center– If you have been recommended treatment that involves surgical invasion, it is best to find a phlebologist or a vascular surgeon who practices at a known hospital and is renowned and has success rates in vascular surgery.

Do your homework on the Experience and Credentials– When seeking a center do take time to research the doctors’ experience and credentials. Best is to opt for a doctor who is board certified and who specializes in the treatment of spider and varicose vein. A doctor who practices on a regular basis is the one who can update you on the recent and modern treatments available. An experienced doctor always has a better understanding of what to anticipate what should be the preventive measure to prevent future complications.

Locate according to feasibility– The treatment center should be located in the range of your reach.  Do not opt for the best hospital that is not located remotely within your reach and you have to travel beyond your comfort zone.

There are many renowned treatment options available abroad and in India. In this context, Avis Vascular Centre of Hyderabad has been a reputed care center. Their specialty care enables them to provide procedures that are minimally invasive to treat an array of health problems. Avis has a team of experts who are highly attentive, trained. The dedication of the staffs lies in providing compassionate care beginning from the patient’s first appointment to outpatient recovery and even post recovery.

Dr. Rajah V Koppala associated with Avis Vascular Centre is a very renowned interventional radiologist who has been conferred with British Board Certificate and has been trained under American fellowship. Here a patient is treated with premium quality care and the entire unit strives in providing the ultimate satisfaction of the patient.