The veins pump blood back from the lower body to the heart. Veins move this blood upward with the help of valves that act as one-way flaps. As the blood moves up the legs, these valves close to prevent the flow of blood backwards. However blood can leak back into the vein if the one-way valves become weak, this leads to the blood being pooled. This condition is known as venous insufficiency. The Pooled or the collected blood makes the veins enlarged and it becomes varicose. Here are some important facts about varicose veins that you should know.

Varicose can be fatal at timesVaricose Veins may indicate serious concern. There might arise some serious circulatory malfunction due to varicose veins which might lead to even a loss of a limb and in rare cases even death. Uncomfortable vein situation should never be left untreated.

What you should not do– If a person has varicose veins then the individual should never scratch the area as doing so could cause ulcers.

Obesity – Apart from genetic constraints, obesity is considered another chief cause for varicose vein. The extra weight causes pressure on the legs of the overweight person. An individual should always be at a healthy weight in order to avoid symptoms of varicose veins.

A Rare Fact– To reduce the chances of getting varicose veins, one should limit exposure to the harmful effects of the sun and also heat. In fact, it is not the sun which is the main cause of varicose vein but the heat from the sun. The heat affects the veins and causes it to enlarge and dilate, which eventually can cause them to be filled with more blood. For individuals who are already undergoing varicose vein symptoms will likely find a development in the appearance of these veins. Hence you should avoid heat if you have symptoms of varicose veins.

People who have such symptoms should also keep in mind that hot water baths or sessions at steam rooms should be restricted to a very limited time. Also one should remember that if their legs are aching because of the swollen varicose veins, instead of opting for heat packs they should choose to apply ice packs.

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