Varicose veins are the enlarged, knotty, swollen and discoloured veins that are formed as a result of blood pooling and commonly occur in the lower leg region. Found more frequently in women than men, these are usually caused due to a family history of varicose veins or a sedentary lifestyle with little or no exercise. Varicose veins can be terribly painful, make the legs look flawed and lead to acute skin diseases and ulcers.

Though painless varicose veins generally do not need to be treated, most women suffer from low self-esteem due to the unpleasant sight of varicose veins on their legs and look for an immediate cure. The most basic form of treatment is to improve the lifestyle by shifting to healthy food options and building a daily exercise routine. Also, using compression stockings on a regular basis has proven to help patients with initial symptoms of varicose veins.

In the traditional method of treatment for varicose veins, surgery is conducted to either close or completely remove the affected vein. This surgery is a complex procedure performed with general or local anaesthesia and may not be suited for old age patients or those suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure. It may sometimes result in excessive blood loss, swelling, and discoloration of the treated area.

With advancements in technology and state-of-the-art medical facilities, laser treatment for varicose veins has been introduced to relieve patients from the pains and bruises of the surgical treatment. In the laser treatment, the doctor uses “Laser”, high intensity focused beam of light to remove the varicose veins without surgery. This is comparatively an invasive procedure that is totally safe and offers the same level of efficiency as the traditional surgical method. There are primarily two types of laser treatments :

Simple Laser Treatment

The simple laser procedure is most suited for the tiny varicose veins that are situated right below the skin’s surface. This is a painless method as laser light is focused on these veins from the outside of the skin itself. The laser heat damages the affected veins to form a scar tissue that eventually closes the varicose veins and redirects the blood flow to surrounding veins.

The patient undergoing a simple laser treatment does not need anaesthesia as it is a needless process and no cuts are made on the patient’s skin. The surgeon adjusts the intensity of the laser light to prevent skin burn. In most cases, patients recover in 3-6 laser sessions that are conducted at a gap of 6-12 weeks.

This laser treatment has a short recovery time and the patient is able to walk right after the session. He/she can also go back home and perform the daily routine tasks without any difficulty.

Endovenous Laser Treatment

This laser procedure is apt for closing off the large varicose veins that can not be treated by using laser light from outside the skin. In this procedure treatment, a laser fibre is inserted into the affected vein by using a needle and a thin tube (catheter). While doing so, the surgeon continuously analyses the vein in the screen of the “Duplex Ultrasound”. Once the laser is fired, the patient may smell and taste the burning but does not experience any pain. The laser fibre and catheter are removed thereafter and a small dressing if needed is done.

This is a great alternative to the surgical method of vein litigation as it is not only painless but requires only a mild sedative or local anaesthesia and has a quicker recovery time. A session may last for up to 20 to 30 minutes and the patient may be advised to wear compression stockings for a few days after the procedure.

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