Center & Departments

Department of Endovascular Interventions

Department of endovascular interventions and image guided medicine provides the much needed bridge between diagnosis and treatment using state of the art equipment like Cath lab, ultra sound, CT Scan, the entire gamut of interventional radio are provided under one roof . Also in keeping with the latest international guideline or ancillary services including wound care is provided for maximum patient comfort.

The procedures offered at Avis Vascular centre include but are not limited to:

1) Laser and radio frequency Ablation of varicose veins with complete stop for venous ulcer and cosmetic Sclerotherapy. With about 5000 venous procedures under our bed we are India's leading vein care providers

2) Deep Vein Thrombosis: We provide acute DVT licence using Pharmacho- Mechanical license and in chronic DVT we are the only centre in India which provides complete vein restoration including venous stenting and angioplasty