If not all, a majority of the people who are diagnosed with a vascular disorder, have at some point or the other thought about trying either of the numerous home remedies in hope of getting relief from the ever-increasing pain and irritation of the spider veins and/or varicose veins. One of the most widely popular quick fixes for varicose veins is believed to be the drugstore creams that promise instant relief from the varicose vein discomfort on an application in the affected area.

Every now and then, a new variety of these ointments can be found at the local chemist and drugstore. A large number of people feel tempted to give these creams a try in order to avoid surgical treatment for the removal of the malfunctioning veins.

As disappointing as it may sound, these creams and the so-called medicated ointments are of no use. These may just offer temporary relief from the itching and pain but are surely not a permanent cure for the underlying health issue that is the real cause of swollen varicose veins and pooling of blood.

These drugstore creams help to temporarily mask-off the ugly looking spider veins and varicose veins and offer immediate relief from the irritation but only for a short while. None of these have ever been known to fix the health scare that leads to these enlarged veins that can also be seen as bulging out from the skin surface in patients with extreme discomfort.

Varicose veins occur due to faulty valves of the veins that are situated deep under the skin. The topical creams are applied on the skin surface and do not penetrate deep enough to get to the source of the problem. These creams neither help repair the valves nor assist in closing-off the malfunctioning veins.

Most of these drugstore creams contain Vitamin K that helps to temporarily fade the appearance of spider veins but does not treat them as a long-term remedy. The damaged veins may look like they have become faintly visible but they are still there even if you cease to see them. The other ingredients of the creams are anti-inflammatory in nature and thus help reduce the swelling in the affected area.

Thus, the drugstore creams that claim to help ease the symptoms of varicose veins offer temporary relief for only as long as they are generously applied and massaged on the affected area. As soon as you stop applying these creams, you experience the same signs and symptoms. Also, it is important to note that these creams in no way prevent the formation of new varicose veins. As the blood continues to pool, there are high chances of swelling and pain getting worse over time along with the new development of varicose veins.

Like most other home remedies for varicose veins, the medicated creams do not address the root cause. Thus, instead of wasting money on creams and ointments that make false claims of curing varicose veins, it is advised to seek medical advice from vein specialists and explore treatment options such as surgical removal and minimally invasive procedures.

Back in the older days, surgical procedures to cut-off and remove the varicose veins were the only feasible treatment option for varicose veins. Now, with the advent of laparoscopic procedures, minimally invasive treatment methods such as sclerotherapy and endovenous laser ablation have become popular due to their higher success rate and negligible chances of any major side-effects.

In the endovenous laser treatment process, a thin laser fibre along with a catheter is inserted into the damaged area through a small incision. The heat from the laser fibre is used to burn-off and close the damaged veins. This procedure is monitored through the live duplex ultrasound scan. The endovenous laser treatment is popular for being the painless and no-cut, no-stitch, and no-scar treatment for varicose veins.

The laser treatment for varicose veins is totally safe and suitable for people of all age groups. This procedure is usually performed as an outpatient procedure under the influence of local anaesthesia. It has zero downtime and most people can resume their everyday work from the next day itself. There are no side-effects such as infection or bleeding associated with the laser treatment. Patients do not need to perform any major post-operative care procedures.

Dr. Rajah V Koppala is a highly acclaimed interventional radiologist and vascular surgeon. He excels in the minimally invasive treatment for varicose veins and has over two decades of medical experience with a large number of happy and satisfied patients who have been totally cured of varicose veins. Dr. Rajah V Koppala is available for a medical check-up, diagnosis, and treatment at Avis Vascular Centre, Hyderabad. Schedule your appointment to bid farewell to your varicose veins!

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